Knick’d, 2013
Immersive culinary incident
In collaboration with the Core 5 Incident

Knick’d explored the relationship between consciousness and memory. Knick’d tells the story of a woman lost in her memories, no longer the commanding figure she had been for decades but still with her own strong ideas on the fraternal society she leads. Other members of that society we met did not take such a broad perspective on their world. The audience at this show were honored guests of a meeting of the Maine Careus Lochos, an organization with deep and secretive roots that has analogues in groups like the Freemasons and Odd Fellows.
As with its predecessors, Knick’d was a show built around the interplay of performance, food, environment, and media. In this case, though, different audience members were intended to have different experiences based on their location in the space. Two video screens played two different media streams throughout the evening, but the audience could only see one of these screens at any given time. The media being played were similar enough that they might be thought identical on casual inspection, but each screen told a different story. There was also greater interaction between the characters and audience during Knick’d than there had been in previous shows as the actors sat and ate with the audience in character throughout the evening.